Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Houses Still Available

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, we still have a number of homes, townhomes, and condos available all over the Twin Cities! Take a look at our available properties on the main page of our website. Many of them have flexible seller financing. The majority of our homes are new construction, never lived in homes. The application process is easy, fast, and hassle free. If you don’t see anything that is on our site that works, keep checking. Our inventory changes daily with new houses and current renters moving out. Our property list is updated once a week. Please call Brandon with any questions you may have. 763 784 3400 or visit our website at

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary to CCC!

Contractors Capital Corporation has just celebrated its 10 year anniversary!! Though our focus has changed direction a bit over the years, the majority of things have stayed constant: our drive, determination and dedication. We enjoy helping our customers in any way possible. There are not many companies nowadays that really care about what happens to their customers – not true of CCC. We succeed thru the success of our customers.

Thru the leadership of our CEO, Jerry, we have been able to “keep our doors open” in a time when most financial lending institutions cannot. We are redirecting our efforts whenever necessary to accommodate the current situation. Check out our new Build Your Own Home Program.

Keep watching our web-site for new and innovative ideas, rates, and possibilities. Check us out at or call upon us at 763-784-3400.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Foreclosed Lots

Due to the changing times we are experiencing, Contractors Capital Corporation has become creative in offering options to potential buyers. We have lots in a variety of areas, a large range of prices, and many types from which to choose. We are offering them for not only a discounted price, but also on a contract for deed. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a lot now and build later when you are ready. Downpayments are as little as 3%! Whether you want to build now, build later, or just own land that will eventually go up in value, a contract for deed is a great option for purchase. Please contact us for more information at or call 763-784-3400.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did You Know . . . .

As the weather continues to warm up and we’re running our air conditioners, it’s a good time to remind you to change the furnace filter. To make your furnace run efficiently and to help you save money on monthly bills or costly repairs, it’s recommended that filters be changed each month.

Did you know Contractors Capital could assist you in building your own home, purchasing land, purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage? Give one of our experienced loan officers a call at 763-784-3400 in the North Metro or 651-289-6400 in the South Metro and we’ll get started. Visit us at for more information.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Foreclosed Lots

Want to build a home, but not quite ready to start the process? We have several lots available and we offer the option of purchasing by means of a Contract for Deed. Make payments now on the land until you are ready to build. When you are ready to move forward with construction, we can help you build you home through our self build - owner/builder program. If you prefer someone else to manage the whole building process, we also have many long term relationships with good builders in the area as well. Any method you choose to build a home, now or later, we can help you get started.
Visit our website at to view our list of available discounted lots. The time is now for great prices on land.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Build Your Own Home - Take Advantage of Today's Rates

Contractors Capital Corporation is very excited about our build your own home program. Be sure to contact one of CCC's loan officers to find out more. We can also help you with all your mortgage needs. Take a look at the rates today and start thinking about building your own home, purchasing, or refinancing.

Current Mortgage Rates as of 7/7/09:
30 year fixed - 5.36%
15 year fixed - 4.89%
30 year fixed jumbo - 6.47%
5/1 ARM - 4.56%
5/1 jumbo ARM - 5.17%

Contact us at: or 763-784-3400

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Can Build Your Own Home

Our self-build program offers consulting services to help a home buyer save money while building their own home - they can build a more affordable home and/or build more home than originally thought possible - on a lot they already have in mind - or we can help with securing a lot too. We work the process with the buyer and save them additional monies by working with reputable subcontractors that we already have relationships with to allow a 'wholesale' pricing of bids for materials and labor. The buyer gets the best bids and the best subcontractors at a great price. We arrange the construction financing, permanent financing, closing of the loans, and all the other details that go into building a home. We can do all this and more, or the buyer can do as much or as little as they choose - including selecting their own subcontractors or doing some of the work themselves. What may seem like a very cumbersome process to a potential home owner becomes very simplified and fun with our assistance. Please visit our website http://www.contractorscapital/. com to learn more.